Natur, Sprache, Medizin, Kultur.Therapeutische Konzepte aus semiotischer Perspektive
Curare Sonderband 14.1998:184-189

##Nature, language, medicine, culture. Therapeutic concepts from the semiotic perspective
From a semiotic perspective, this article describes nature and culture as systems of signs and meanings constituted by language. Our daily language can be described as a system of signs and meanings in which the speaker creates the signs and the listener creates the meanings. Human language as a part of culture can be traced back to the language of DNA as a part of nature. Diagnosis as an instrument for communication gives certain meanings to signs of sickness that makes therapy possible. Therapy opposes signs of other categories to the signs of sickness that are threatening, and, in this way, tries to influence the meaning of the sickness signs. Therapy is a symbolic process which is not significant without realtion to the signs of sickness and their interpretation in the course of diagnosis. Therapeutic examples from Korea and Germany are formulated in a semiotic way. The investigation of the effects of diffcrent therapies on the functional state of brain activity by functional NMR and other techniques would be interesting##

Keywords: semiotics, language therapy, diagnosis, ethnoserniotics, biosemiotics