Zur Biographie einer Reiterstatue der Kalash, Hindukusch
Baessler-Archiv XLVI.1998:329-342

On the biography of a horseman´qs statue of the Kalash, Hindukush
##The article outlines the individual history of a spectacular and unique piece of monumental art of status. It deals with the physical biography of the wooden sculpture in question, carved approximately between 1910 and 1920, as well as with its role in Kalasha society. The rider sitting on the double-headed horse can be identified as depicting Mahamurat, a high-ranking dignitary, political mediator, and feast-giver from Rumbur Valley (NW-Pakistan). In this context the biography of the object is closely combined with human biography. Historical photographs, drawings, and reports of anthropologists and travellers help to reconstruct the Odyssey of the ancestor effigy through the Hindukush, Afghanistan, Italy, USA, and finally Germany and its commodification in the international antique market. The last chapter deals with its recontextualization in the State Museum of Ethnography in Munich and its importance as a document of Kalasha culture.##

Keywords: Kalasha sculpture, museums