Ethnologie als gesellschaftlich relevante Humanwissenschaft. Eine Systematisierung praxisorientierter Richtungen und eine Position Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 123.1998:215-255

Anthropology as a societally relevant science. Systematizing practice-oriented approaches ##This article attempts at a contribution to a systematic foundation of a practice-oriented branch of cultural anthropology. Three bodies of literature, which are normally discussed quite separately, are integrated here: firstly a broadly conceived practising anthropology, secondly development anthropology and thirdly several approaches of critical anthropology. The latter is more politically ambitioned and not explicitly use-oriented but of considerable importance for practical issues in cultural anthropology. Taking the example of development it is argued that practical issues are historically and theoretically related to genuine anthropological questions. Practice-oriented work can and did contribute considerably to the core issues of cultural anthropology. Furthermore it is shown that a strong link to academia is vital for any practical anthropology if it will remain really anthropology. Drawing on a systematization of five basic approaches to "anthropology put to use" the author proposes a practice-oriented cultural anthropology as an anthropology engaged in themes relevant to society. Its function would be an empirically founded ethnologizing and anthropologizing of discourses on society instead of a politization in the form of advocating specific goals or values. Approaches to practical anthropology should be grounded in clear statements about the core interests, theories and methods of cultural anthropology in general and its relations to other branches of anthropology. Here cultural anthropology is conceived as being embedded in a broad bioculturally oriented science of humanity. In order to stimulate discussion, the position of a committed cultural anthropology taken by the author is not only presented programmatically, but fleshed out in some detail and by way of examples.##

Keywords: 'practising anthropology', development anthropology, critical anthropology, practice and anthropology, cultural anthropology