Kinderwelten. Anthropologie - Geschichte - Kulturvergleich
Köln: Böhlau Verlag 2002
501 pp., Euro 44.90; ISBN 3-412-03102-X

Worlds of the child. Anthropology, history, cultural comparison
36 papers explore the life sphere of children - starting from the insight that a sheltered kind of childhood is a rather recent, western phenomenon. The papers discuss life worlds of children chronologically as well as interculturally - from ancient Egypt and Rome to children living in slums of ´third world countries´. The authors are physical anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, educationists, medical practitioners and psychologists. They intend to inform about children´s worlds in diachronic and cultural anthropological comparison. The major headings under which the papers are grouped are: Nature vs. culture - an evolutional biological view; reconstructions of historical children´s worlds; child mortality in different times and cultures; demographical aspects and infertility; comparative aspects (gender effects, UN children´s rights, slum children, education and children, infant life in three continents, infants in tribal societies), and growth and development.

Keywords: childhood and culture, slum children, comparative childhood, tribal children, nature and culture, culture and nature