4127 -- FESER, HEIKO

Die Huaorani auf den Wegen ins neue Jahrtausend
(Ethnologische Studien 35)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2000
563 pp., Euro 45.90; ISBN 3-8258-5215-6

The Huaorani on their way into the new millennium
The Huaorani of the Equadorian part of Amazonia are confronted with numerous interest groups/lobbies (colonists, missionaries, oil companies, NGOs, military, government departments, tourism industry, Indians´ organizations, scholars, art directors, etc.). Feser settles up with all of them, and he does not simply categorize according to ´good and bad´. The ´good intentions´ of the ´helpers´ have ambivalent effects, on the other hand, seemingly negative influence of other actors can be positive and fruitful. The image of Indians being passive victims in cultural change is being qualified as well. They appear as calculating persons with certain intentions and human weaknesses. Feser refutes the common cliché that ethnic groups are worse off after going through acculturation processes. The Huaorani have mixed a cocktail out of the different lobbies to suit their interests - from these they extract and use positive aspects, in order to survive culturally and economically.

Keywords: Huaorani survival, survival of Huaorani, acculturation of Huaorani, lobbies and tribes, tribes and lobbies, missionaries, oil industry, colonists, NGOs