Die Zuaven des amerikanischen Bürgerkrieges
Wyk: Verlag für Amerikanistik 2003
40 pp., Euro 21,-; ISBN 3-89510-089-7

The Zouaves of the American Civil War
Solka documents 24 Zouave groups from Northern and from Southern States who fought in the Civil War. Zouaves (Algerian Berber tribals, Zouaoua, who served in the French Army) were picturesque sections of fighters in the Civil War who, due to their colorful uniforms, induced many others to join the army. Besides describing these groups, Solka focuses on the cultural aspect of the ´image´ of war in the 19th century which was rather romantic and publicly performed in ostentatious processions and parades, speaking of honor, glory and heroism. However, on the battlefield these troops proved to be ill-equipped - their theatrical imaginations of the war situation were fatal.

Keywords: Zouaves in Civil War, Civil War and Zouaves, Berber fighters, war and heroism, heroism of war, performance and war, glory and war, stage-setting war