Das Räumliche des Kulturellen. Entwurf zu einer kulturanthropologischen Raumtheorie am Beispiel Fiji
(Göttinger Studien zur Ethnologie 7)
Hamburg: Lit Verlag 2001
309 pp., Euro 25.90; ISBN 3-8258-5188-5

The spatial of the cultural. Outline of a cultural anthropological theory of space exemplified in the case of Fiji
This study, based on the author´s fieldwork, contributes to the discourse on culture and space, as a fundamental category of human practice. Dickhardt combines his theoretical work with the concreteness of his research in the village of Levuka on Kadavu, theoretically starting from E. Cassirer´s cultural philosophy, his structure-theoretical notion of practice. From there, he constructs a new concept of cultural spatiality - applied in his research in the village, reflecting on the country and the positions of persons and groups. By thus considering different contexts a qualified view of cultural spatiality emerges. It is constituted symbolically, and its constituting functions become comprehensible for cultural practice.

Keywords: space and culture, culture and space, Cassirer, E., practice and space