5001 -- ABELS, HEINZ

Interaktion, Identität, Präsentation. Kleine Einführung in interpretative Theorien der Soziologie. 3. Aufl.
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2004
203 pp., Euro 17.90; ISBN 3-531-43183-8

Interaction, identity, presentation. Short introduction into interpretive theories in sociology. 3rd. ed.
This textbook introduces sociological theories of interpretation - G.H. Mead on identity (the background of pragmatism and behaviorism and central notions like roles, identity, play/game, I and Me) and Herbert Blumer´s symbolic interactionism. Then Alfred Schütz´ phenomenological foundation of sociology is described, followed by P. Berger´s and T. Luckmann´s ´societal construction of reality´ and the ´institutionalization of social order´, H. Garfinkel´s ethnomethodology as a theory of everyday life action, and finally E. Goffman´s ´techniques of presentation´ (the endangered individual, the presentation of self in everyday life).

Keywords: interaction, identity, presentation, interpretive sociology, Mead, G.H., Blumer, H., Schütz, A., Berger, P., Luckmann, T., Garfinkel, H., symbolic interactionism, interactionism, phenomenology, ethnomethodology, Goffman, E., individual, everyday life