Getting pictures right. Context and interpretation
(Topics in African studies 3)
Köln: Köppe Verlag 2004
192 pp., Euro 29.80; ISBN 3-89645-247-9

The papers of this volume originate from a symposium at Basle in 2003, on the occasion of the retirement of Paul Jenkins, historian and former archivist of the Basel Mission. ##Under the impact of the visual, which has marked the twentieth century in an unprecedented manner, the humanities have come to acknowledge pictures as important sources and objects of research. This shift started some twenty years ago and has been termed the pictorial, iconic, or visual turn. In this process the reflection on photographic sources originating from the colonial encounter has played an important role.##

Keywords: photography, visual anthropology, semiotics, pictorial turn, iconic turn, visual turn, agency and photography, authorship, inscription, mission and photography, Gusinde, M.