Dummes Zeug. Zur kulturellen Konstruktion von Unsinn
Münster: Waxmann Verlag 2001
209 pp., Euro 15.30; ISBN 3-8309-1048-7

Stupid things. On the cultural construction of nonsense The author asks which attitudes, ways of thinking and lifestyles have been judged as being stupid. The judgment of stupidity also means one´s own superiority. Doehlemann asks what is being termed as "stupid", which peoples have been culturally classified as stupid in history and present times, whether it is cultural types (such as rednecks), blondes, or whole peoples. This includes opposites such as the nobility vs. folk (culture) and the discussion of the question of ´who is intelligent´. This again touches the question of individualism - the judgment of the individual of who is classified as stupid, to whom the verdict of stupidity is meted out. The author thus presents a cultural history of the ascription of stupidity.

Keywords: stupidity ascription, ascription and stupidity, culture and stupidity, judgment of stupidity