5031 -- ECKERT, JULIA M. (Ed.)

Anthropologie der Konflikte. Georg Elwerts konflikttheoretische Thesen in der Diskussion Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag 2004
334 pp., Euro 26.80; ISBN 3-89942-271-6

The anthropology of conflict. Discussing Georg Elwert´s conflict-theoretical theses
Contributions to this volume deal with the social role(s) of conflict - e.g. the possible role of the production of order and stability (vs. the view of conflict and violence as dysfunctional and disrupting). Elwert strives for a ´nomothetic casuistry´ of functional equivalents (vs. ´hermeneutic´, interpretive approaches). Other papers are either case studies analyzing situations to arrive at theoretical conclusions/models or are theoretical elaborations of the general topic.

Keywords: conflict, violence, tribalism, institutions and conflict, Elwert, G., roles of violence