5033 -- EGLI, WERNER & UWE KREBS (Eds.)

Beiträge zur Ethnologie der Kindheit. Erziehungswissenschaftliche und kulturvergleichende Aspekte
(Studien zur Ethnopsychologie und Ethnopsychoanalyse 5)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2004
183 pp., Euro 19.90; ISBN 3-8258-7247-5

Contributions to an anthropology of childhood. Pedagogical and cultural-comparative aspects
These papers originate from an interdisciplinary symposium convened by the Anthropology Department of the University of Zurich in December 2002. The contributions deal with the upbringing and education of children in non-European countries, including interdisciplinary research from anthropology, educational sciences, and human ethology.

Keywords: anthropology of childhood, childhood and anthropology, education and childhood, caste and children, Navaho childhood, oral literature and childhood