Körperkonzepte/Concepts du corps. Interdisziplinäre Studien zur Geschlechterforschung/Contributions aux études genre interdisciplinaires
Münster: Waxmann Verlag 2003
327 pp., Euro 29.90; ISBN 3-8309-1212-9

Body concepts. Interdisciplinary studies on gender research
The 24 contributions (most in German, some in French) in this book are based on an interdisciplinary and international conference held by the Swiss Society for Women- and Gender Research (SGFG/SSEFEG) in March 2001 at Basle. The paradigm of the body is assessed from the various angles of many disciplines not only from the social sciences and humanities, but also the life sciences and even mathematics. Topics are conceptions, perceptions, aesthetics, symbolism, fragmentations of the body, codifications of masculinity and femininity of the body. Following the discursive separation of sex and gender and the stress on (cultural) gender the category of the body was neglected for some time; only since a few years there is increasing interdisciplinary focus on the body. Against this background of the former neglect of sex in favor of gender the editors see a necessity to discuss matters with the natural and especially the life sciences. The aim is to acknowledge both gender and sex, i.e. to include the subjective corporeal experience and knowledge of the body.

Keywords: body and gender, gender and body, staging gender, performance and gender, representations of body, medieval body concepts, literature and body, hybrid body concepts, orientalism, sexual science, illness and body, feminism, discipline and body, biomedicine, sexism, genetics, objectification of body