Mythos und Wissenschaft. Blicke durchs Kaleidoskop der Kulturen

Osnabrück: Der Andere Verlag 2004
439 pp., Euro 41.90; ISBN 3-89959-221-2

Myth and science. Looking through the kaleidoscope of cultures
The 15 long papers in this book have a wide range of topics but follow one principle: to describe, analyze and understand human striving for cognition and self-fulfillment, i.e. following the creative, intuitive inherent drive - as opposed to a life form which is characterized by alienation in limiting human action to ´technical´, limited and subservient action, similar to K. Marx´s characterization of work vs. labor. For most people living in technological cultures Hengst sees a ´prosaic´ existence characterized by everyday functioning and obedience with very few people having the luxury of living a ´poetical´ existence. Hengst starts from the premise that only a life form including this ´poetic´ aspect and intuitive intelligence is a dignified existence. In the papers he deals with:

Keywords: prosaic existence, poetic existence, work and labor, labor and work, intuition, creativity, cognition and intuition, technological culture, dignified life, ´atlantosophy´, theosophy, anthroposophy, science fiction, witchcraft, fools, herbalism, initiation, Descartes, R., Husserl, E., Turner, V., Mead, M., Jensen, A.E., Eliade, M., hermetics, alchemy