Rekonstruktion narrativer Identität. Ein Arbeitsbuch zur Analyse narrativer Interviews. 2. Auflage

Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2004
360 pp., Euro 32.90; ISBN 3-531-33417-4

Reconstructing narrative identity. A workbook for analyzing narrative interviews. 2nd ed.
The authors provide a methodological textbook for reconstructing narrative identity - theoretical foundations and practical procedures. New findings on narrating and the constitution of identity in narration are described, especially by reverting to narrative and discursive psychology, and conversation- and discourse analysis. Central is the didactic representation of the process of evaluating narrative interviews (including numerous text examples) and the discussion of various evaluation strategies and levels of the reconstruction of narrative identity. In the section on "foundations of narrative identity" the authors deal with autobiographical narration, narrative identity, and identity constitution in the narrative interview. The discussion of the "foundations of text analysis" includes: general aspects of text interpretation, the structure of autobiographical narration (structure, time, topic, perspective of the narrator, text sorts), the micro-structure of text sections, and narrative identity as case structure. The last section on "practice of text analysis" describes how to generate the data material (including the transcript), and steps of text analysis.

Keywords: narrative identity, identity and narration, interviews (narrative), text sorts, discursive psychology, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, autobiographical narration