Der Streit um den heißen Brei. Zu Ökologie und Geschlecht einer Kulturanthropologie der Ernährung. Zusammen mit Albert Wirz
(Soziologische Studien 27)
Herbolzheim: Centaurus Verlag 2002
153 pp., Euro 15.70; ISBN 3-8255-0317-8

Arguing about the porridge. On the ecology and gender of a cultural anthropology of nutrition. Together with Albert Wirz.
Ecological crises (e.g., the BSE case) have intensified the discussion on food and nutrition. The authoress discusses this topic ethno-historically by discussing such movements even in the 19th century when industrialization resulted in first criticisms of the mass production of food. She comments on women´s movements against alcohol consumption, and reform movements for healthy, natural food (M. Bircher-Benner) criticizing social and cultural negative results of economic growth. Meyer-Renschhausen also reflects on the age-old food of porridge (mash), and the secret, ´female´ knowledge of certain kinds of food having poisoning potential. All of this leads back to the traces of a lost kind of "moral economy", connections between gender relations and ecological consciousness. One chapter discusses Polynesian food taboos.

Keywords: food and morals, morals and food, food history, ecology and food, reform movements (ecology), nutrition and values, alcohol and morals, health food, Bircher-Benner, M., women and food