Zum irdischen Frieden. Erkenntnisse und Vermutungen
(Edition Suhrkamp 2384)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2004
308 pp., Euro 11,-; ISBN 3-518-12384-X

On terrestrial peace. Insights and assumptions
With a view to I. Kant´s treatise on ´heavenly peace´ Senghaas deals with ´mundane´ peace: creating peace, peace politics and -reason, conflict solving, enduring peace, peace zones, international interdependence, development problems, and intercultural dialog. He constructs (and discusses criticism of) a hexagon having the (state) monopoly of violence on top, on its sides the ´state under the rule of law´, interdependencies and affect control, political participation, justice of distribution (of resources) - all of which are resting on the hexagon´s basis: a culture of constructive conflict management. Finally, Senghaas designs a multiple-complex program for sustained community formation.

Keywords: peace and culture, conflict solving, civilizational artificial product, intercultural dialog