Mythen in Kunst und Literatur. Tradition und kulturelle Repräsentation

Köln: Böhlau Verlag 2004
458 pp., Euro 64.90; ISBN 3-412-18003-3

Myths in art and literature. Tradition and cultural representation
The 22 papers of this volume originate from an interdisciplinary symposium at the University of Köln in June 2002. The authors trace old and new myths, their present representations in various media and cultural areas, their adaptations, functions of new myths, myths of otherness, etc.

Keywords: myth and art, literature and myth, art and myth, female voice and myth, transcultural myths, gender and myth, Amazons, Egypt and myth, Heine, H., memory and culture, Grass, G., Nietzsche, F., Mann, T., elite and masses, masses and elite, bricolage, Klinger, M., opera and myth, drama and myth, Milton, J., Melville, H., Blumenberg, H., photography and myth, film and myth, Minghella, A., Beard, P., Petrarca