Die Revolution am Esstisch. Neue Studien zur Nahrungskultur im 19./20. Jahrhundert
(Studien zur Geschichte des Alltags 23)
Stuttgart: Steiner Verlag 2004
325 pp., Euro 60,-; ISBN 3-515-08447-9

The dining table revolution. New studies on food culture in the 19th/20th century
Food behavior, processing etc. has a universal anthropological basis but is culturally distinct, and hence a phenomenon suited for cultural studies. The papers present results from recent studies, dissertations etc. documenting changes in food behavior and stress new theoretical and methodological aspects in this field.

Keywords: food and culture, customs of food, eating customs, alcohol and culture, economy and food, public health and food, health and food, obesity, slimness, Abraham, H., breast feeding, bourgeoisie and food, immigrants and food, morals and food