Anthropological Abstracts

Cultural/Social Anthropology from Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Ulrich Oberdiek, Editor/Author

Number www-6 - 2006

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This reference journal is published once a year and announces - in English language - most publications in the field of cultural/social anthropology published in the German language area (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). Since many of these publications have been written in German, and most German publications are not included in major, English language abstracting services, Anthropological Abstracts (AA) offers an opportunity and convenient source of information for anthropologists who do not read German, to become aware of anthropological publications in German-speaking countries. Included are journal articles, monographs, anthologies, exhibition catalogs, yearbooks, etc. Occasionally, publications in English, or French, are included as well if the publisher is less well-known and when it is likely that the publication will not be noted abroad.
The present internet number of Anthropological Abstracts (AA) (www-6.2007) corresponds to the printed version (Lit Verlag, Münster, Germany), which has about 40% additional material.

Some technical remarks
This reference journal uses a combined, flexible approach in representing publications: While in most cases abstracts are supplied, for some anthologies and journals (e.g., Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch) the Current Contents principle is applied, i.e. only authors and titles are printed. So technically, this is a combined approach: an Abstracting Reference Journal, and the Current Contents principle listing names and titles only. The complete material has been thoroughly indexed, however. Abstracts supplied by authors are marked by ## before and after the abstract. Due to space limitations they may be abbreviated. Up to three editors of an anthology will be listed; if there are more, only the first will appear.
Only those papers in journals, yearbooks, catalogs and anthologies will be abstracted that are relevant to cultural/social anthropology - which mainly applies in the case of interdisciplinary publications. AA also tries to cover subjects related to, or influencing, anthropology, i.e. if they are relevant for present discourses. Thus, there may be material from history, folklore studies, linguistics, sociology, philosophy, etc., if there is an intersection with present debates in anthropology.
Keywords after each abstract serve as an "abstract of the abstract" - for a quick assessment. Page numbers in the Subject Index refer to the page of Keywords listings; i.e. the abstracted article or book precedes it.
Terms of the Subject Index ­ which is identical with the Keywords in alphabetical order ­ do not follow the Thesaurus principle but are chosen rather loosely and generously, according to need. In many cases, Subject Index terms try to be specific rather than general, in order to reduce the time of searching. Thus, if there is a topic relating to ’history´, it will be specified like ’history (Guinea)´, or ’history and literacy´, so that users do not have to check all ’history´ entries. Because of technical reasons some diacritical marks have not been applied. Hence, such letters are represented in popular transliteration.
Regarding alphabetical order, the German Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) will be broken up into ae, oe, ue in the text, but is disregarded in the indexes.

The publishers, museums and research institutions must be thanked for their generally prompt deliveries of the books requested for Anthropological Abstracts.

Dr. Ulrich Oberdiek,
Lecturer, Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikanistik (Department für Kultur-wissenschaften und Altertumskunde),
München, Germany

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