7001 -- ABELS, HEINZ

IIdentität. Über die Entstehung des Gedankens, dass der Mensch ein Individuum ist, den nicht leicht zu verwirklichenden Anspruch auf Individualität und die Tatsache, dass Identität in Zeiten der Individualisierung von der Hand in den Mund lebt.
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006
497 pp., Euro 26.90; ISBN 3-531-15138-X
Keywords: identity, individualism and identity

Identity. On the emergence of the thought that the human being is an individual, the - not easily realizable - claim to individuality and the fact that identity in times of individualization lives from hand to mouth
In this comprehensive study on the topic Abels discusses the problematic constitution of identity generally, and particularly in present-day modern (or post-modern) societies, like inner loneliness, stylizing one's life (including classical categories like class, or estates), but also more recent focues like distinction (taste, lifestyle...) and social space, habitus. Abels defines identity and names goals/aims of identity (including performance and roles in this context and further still: masks and mirrors), discusses recognition (the claim for non-attention, the right of indiscretion, the claim for confidentiality, symbolic distance), and the crisis of the life-world (disenchantment, colonialization, ambivalence). In all these context the respective authors are dealt with (Weber, Goffman, Giddens, Sennett, etc.).

Keywords: identity, individualism and identity